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You are going to be giving your baby what is needed to ensure proper health, nutrition, and cleanliness until the age of 3, at which point they can go off to school.

Ever wanted a baby without the effort, mess, responsibility, or issues? Adopt and name your very own virtual baby, take care of it, and enjoy all of the fun without having to deal with any of the big messes and troubles that babies can, and will, cause.

Not just a person or family, but an entire village!

Give them what they need, help them to grow and become stable, and give them the chance to grow their little village. Get ready to play your very own character in a world that you can create.

Your goal is to maintain the happiness of your family by assigning each member a task like planting, building, collecting, beautifying your home, etc.

This will help you complete your goals and live a happy life together with your family.

You can start by dressing it up and customizing it to match your tastes, and then you can continue throughout the game and experience all that is offered.

In Baby Valley, it is a lot simpler than you might think.

Chit Chat City is a chatting game, as you might expect, that gives you more than the ordinary.