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05-Sep-2017 08:08

The intimate interaction between Joe and Ding Yi has led to speculation about Joe’s sexuality. He is usually more respectful around his female friends, though.” Jayne Stars Media LLC reserves all copyrights.However, his manager immediately denied the gay rumor, saying, “Impossible. He has had many interviews in the past where he talked about his ideal woman.”His manager, Miss Song, explained that Joe has always been a very affectionate person, and that he is quite touchy with his close friends. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited.Xiao Zhong was impressed by his responsibility, but he wouldn’t swim in nude because of the rating.Xiao Zhong said: [Even if this is just saying it as a joke, still I am very impressed; he was brave enough to take responsibility on the things that he had said.]During that day, Ethan Ruan only took off his swimming trunks while he was in the water, making the medias “disappointed and empty handed”, Xiao Zhong was not surprised: [It was the media who broadly reporting about the joke, basically everyone should calm down when dealing with this kind of situation.]Then how will he repay the fans if his own idol series received a good rating?When Xiong Naijin had to leave, Joe generously escorted her to her car.Wang Likun left soon after, and hid her face behind a mask.Unfortunately the two don’t telephone each other, from beginning to end not getting involved in rumours, however, when Zheng Yuan Chang recorded [Shen Chun Hua Life Show] last night, he revealed that he had previously been rejected by Lin Yi Chen, causing Lin Yi Chen to shriek loudly: “Really? "Starting from the [It Started With a Kiss] series, Xiao Zhong and Lin Yi Chen play couples for the 3rd time in the new drama [Love or Bread].Last night the two brought older Zheng sister Zheng Qi Xuan and younger Lin brother Lin Wei Sheng together to the show.

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The two interacted intimately—at one point, Joe snuggled up against his friend’s shoulder, hugged his arm, and brushed his chin.

Joe held onto his friend’s waist tightly when another female friend was showing them something in her phone.

When his friend’s ride came, Joe gave his friend a tight hug and held his hands.

The 34-year-old, who is currently in Mainland China shooting a new television drama with Wang Likun (王丽坤) and Xiong Naijin (熊乃瑾), was spotted acting intimately with a male friend while out eating dinner with the cast and crew.

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According to the paparazzi who spotted the crew, Joe never left his male friend’s side while they chatted with their friends.The main cast Zheng Yuan Chang and Lin Yi Chen have filmed about 40 kissing scenes.

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