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He talks about his mother Grace (a doctor), father Carrick (a lawyer), older brother Elliot (construction worker), and little sister Mia (studying cooking in Paris).

Ana talks a little about her mother Carla (living with husband #4 in Georgia) and her step-father Ray (lives in Montesano, her birth father died when she was young).

Ana and Kate arrange for Jose to take photos of Christian at the Heathman Hotel in Portland.

The photo shoot goes well, and Christian asks Ana to go for coffee with him afterwards.

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Elliot, who came with Christian, is dancing and flirting with Kate.

She is scheduled to interview the “enigmatic CEO of Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc,” Christian Grey, who is a benefactor of the university and will hand out the diplomas at graduation.

However, she comes down with the flu and gets Ana to go to Seattle to do the interview in her place.

Ana reluctantly heads to Seattle to conduct the interview and is caught off guard when she comes face-to-face with the handsome 27-year-old billionaire CEO.

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The interview is rather awkward with Ana being rather nervous and Christian being very intense and arrogant with his responses.

Christian also inquires about her romantic life, asking if she is interested in either Jose or Paul, to which she declines.