Dating ex convicts

30-Jan-2018 09:02

And I know for a fact that a lot of people commit crimes every day that are much worse than some felons that have been charged..they have never been caught. I'd like to hear more.:) if their conviction was not a big deal.. I would not date anyone who does illegal activities that could draw me into a legal bind dating them... One thing I've learned about internet dating is, if I get judgemental and say I will NEVER date a particular type of person, they seem to magically appear on my doorstep the next day to make me eat my words.

I've met some really good people this way, and have also been served some humble pie.

I can't make any blanket statement other than to say that I try not to hold a person's past against them to an undue extent.

I'm more interested in how they behave now, within reason.

As far as telling someone, I would want to know if someone I was going to be personally involved with had been convicted of a felony.

That wasn't what I meant when I said "Why volunteer the information?

I don't automatically consider a past felony convication a sign that a person is irredeemable.Most if not all in those particular professions understand that fact.Personally I would not knowingly "date" or socialize with a felon.Like was mentioned up there...sometimes it is insider trading or an innocent mistake..something that a person never thought would get them in trouble....(maybe your friend told you they wouldn't get mad if you signed their name on a paper, then later turned on you, therefore getting a felony for forgery)example. I will bet that 99% of the people here have something about them that sounds bad on paper, but once you meet the person, you learn that it doesn't define them.

People make mistakes, but that doesn't make them bad. I try to take a look at what this person has done with their life..makes them the person they are today and what they have done with the lessons that have come their way and I base my decisions on those points rather than things that might end up in a negative column.

But this was a poor kid from the wrong side of the tracks that got involved into something stupid. For very specific professions to become involved with a felon is simply not cool.