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The region has under- gone a long and complex history of sedimentation, igneous activity, metamorphism, and deformation. 553126) LUNDENILONA553127) Lunecase - the best i Phone case! Q itu of JLitriaxu DISCLAIMER Before visiting any of the sites described in the New England Intercollegiate Geological Conference guidebooks, you must obtain permission from the current landowners. The Southeastern New England platform is separated from the Merrimack province to the northwest by the narrow Nashoba thrust belt, and is overlapped to the south and east by Cretaceous and Ter- tiary deposits that form the submerged northward extension of the Atlantic Coastal Plain (Fig. The Southeastern New England platform consists of a late Proterozoic batholith-lj ic complex and associated metasedimentary and metavolcanic rocks that were intruded f by younger plutons and covered by sediments at various times during the Paleozoic. Chase, Jr 175 &-8 SELECTED MINERAL COLLECTING SITES IN NORTHEASTERN RHODE ISLAND: Ralph L. Edwards 201 V PAGE B-9 SEDIMENTATION IN MICROTIDAL COASTAL LAGOONS, SOUTHERN RHODE ISLAND: Nancy Friedrich, Stephen R. Boothroyd 211 B-10 & C-9 GLACIAL GEOLOGY IN SOUTHERN RHODE ISLAND: J. Schafer 229 C-l THE GEOLOGY OF CAMBRIAN ROCKS OF CCNANICUT ISLAND, JAMESTOWN, RHODE ISLAND: James W. J., Nicholas Rast, and Daniel Logue 237 C-2 ALLEGHENIAN DEFORMATION AND METAMORHISM OF SOUTHERN NARRA- GANSETT BASIN: Rachel J. The new data compliment the earlier work of Quinn and others, and of- fers the opportunity to make new geologic interpretations, as well as allowing a more precise definition of key problems and areas for future study.

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Naylor 303 C-5 ZIRCON GEOCHRCNOLOGY AND PETROLOGY OF PLUTONIC ROCKS IN RHODE ISLAND: 0. Boothroyd 359 GENERAL STRUCTURAL SETTING OF RHODE ISLAND AND TECTONIC HISTORY OF SOUTHEASTERN NEW ENGLAND Patrick J. Don Hermes 2 INTRODUCTION A great deal of new information has been learned about the geology of Rhode Island and the surrounding region since Quinn summarized the geology of the state in 1971.The main movement within the belt was east over west with a right-lateral component.