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30-Sep-2017 05:41

But according to our data, Lawyers are also raging meat lovers.

I certainly can’t picture any lawyers I know on a trapeze or wearing jorts, but apparently that’s a thing.

The words used in the last three sections of the profile are what we used for this study.) I love how diverse the trending words for the bagels with their master’s degrees are.

It just goes to show how diverse our users are, and how many topics there are to be passionate about, which makes me smile.

The trend of alluding to your profession/degree in your profile is recurring.

“Lawyer,” “law,” “justice,” “rights,” “legal,” even “oxford commas” are no surprise here.

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Again, all of the major trends with our doctor bagels revolve around the field of medicine, but we’re wondering if these bagels with MDs are talking about the scrubs they wear to work or the TV show.I presume that “flakey” isn’t trending because these MAs are calling themselves flakey, but probably because they don’t like flakey dates.

"I've been cooking longer than I've been an actress, so it's a huge part of me," explains Bertinelli, who lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Tom, and their six pets (one dog and five cats).… continue reading »

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