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15-Sep-2017 23:50

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The essentials may also include items like water, Goldfish, shoes, and your child. You want to share enough of yourself to take the initial step into bonding, but not so much that she wonders whether or not you should be spending this time in therapy; and let’s be honest, we could all use some therapy.

Let her know about the funny mishap you had with your in-laws last week, but leave out the part about you being convinced your mother-in-law secretly feeds your children soda and is out to ruin your life.

By subjecting myself to a constant barrage of mom-dates I’ve found some serious mommy-friend keepers, and have fallen victim to cringe-worthy fails, many of them my own fault.That's why Hillary Frank, host of WNYC's parenting podcast the Longest Shortest Time, Yummy snacks!