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13-Aug-2017 12:18

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The drug company lobbyists will certainly oppose this.CNN reported on Kratom - a herbal remedy for pain relief Nadia Kounang and Aria Hangyu Chen of CNN recently reported that Kratom is a herbal remedy that is increasingly being used to stop heroin addiction and to also be an effective pain killer.Because fentanyl is lethal in even miniscule doses, this is an extremely deadly tactic, as it too often causes users to ingest a fatal amount unknowingly. In side remarks to reporters at the White House, Trump discussed the need to develop pain killers that are not addictive.The White House may not be aware that over the past several decades, many non-addictive pain killers derived from natural plant sources have been suppressed and removed from the market place by the Food and Drug Adm.

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Often used to aid recovering heroin addicts, kratom is gaining popularity at bars in North Carolina and Florida.Head shops and some health food stores carry it, even Walmart stocks Kratom.The public must be informed and let their elected leaders know that they not only want the right to have unrestricted access to medicinal hemp but also Kratom and all other natural plant based remedies for pain and disease.Between 20, the amount of fentanyl seized by Customs and Border Protection at the border increased more than 200 times over. The Secretary of Health and Human Services shall, consistent with section 319 of the Public Health Service Act, 42 U. Additionally, the heads of executive departments and agencies, as appropriate and consistent with law, shall exercise all appropriate emergency authorities, as well as other relevant authorities, to reduce the number of deaths and minimize the devastation the drug demand and opioid crisis inflicts upon American communities.

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Dealers are increasingly lacing fentanyl into other drugs and pressing it into counterfeit opioid pills. Trump - we need to develop non-addictive pain killers.

Last year, we lost at least 64,000 of our fellow Americans to drug overdose, primarily from opioids.