Error updating certifier id

11-Sep-2017 17:36

Using the Recertify option to make the change in the Person document in the Domino Directory requires that the user authenticate to pick up the new public key.Q: What happens if a user with an expired ID connects to the server? Select the People view in the server's Domino Directory, open the user's Person document in Edit mode, and click the Certificates tab Select the entire contents of the Notes certified public key field and paste the key from the clipboard; save and close Rebuild the view by pressing the key combination Shift F9. To continue past this error, select "Yes" when prompted with the following: "Do you wish to continue without updating the Certifier ID? Select Copy Certificate (this will place the public key on the system clipboard) Close the open windows to exit User Security.As a result the user will be unable to email a safe copy of the ID to the administrator.Therefore, the ID must be supplied through another means (for example, another user can email the expired ID to the administrator).

But when he tries to connect his PC2 the old password still work so long as he has not used the new password!

If the certificates have not already been recertified prior to this point, the user will not be allowed to access the server until this is done (either manually or via adminp). If the certificates were recertified prior to this but the user happens to be using an updated ID file, the server will automatically update the certificates on the ID.

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