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17-Jul-2017 21:13

Although Plouffe has apparently decided not to join the Obama White House (he's writing a book), we look forward to the Obama presidential team following Plouffe's lead.

Importance of interactivity We were very pleased to see Phillips mention the importance of interactivity in his first blog."Citizen participation will be a priority for the Administration, and the Internet will play an important role in that," he wrote.

If anything, it will be fun watching what this team can pull off.

They will certainly face some of the same frustrations that we did.

“The law has had a chilling effect on parenting, and rather than tackling rotten parents who are abusing their children, it has targeted well-functioning parents,” said Bob Mc Coskrie, the national director of Family First New Zealand.

She correctly noted, "Once it was a no-frills government site with little to offer the general public -- Jimmy Orr, the director of White House Internet operations, refers to the Bush site's early days as the 'stone age.' It was equally rudimentary when it began in the Clinton administration. Woe is me As much as the Bush Web team lobbied for one, we could never get a blog up on the old White House site. So instead we worked around the system and created White House Interactive.

K.-based The Christian Institute, also noting a recent call for each Scottish child to have a government-appointed guardian.

Kelly said the government was making these decisions “in the face of overwhelming public opposition.” Be Reasonable Scotland argued the law was a “mass criminalization of ordinary parenting.” The group cited a recent poll that found 3 in 4 Scots agreed a ban would likely criminalize reasonable parents and do little to stop bad parents from abusing their children.

"One significant addition to White reflects a campaign promise from the President: we will publish all non-emergency legislation to the website for five days, and allow the public to review and comment before the President signs it."One question though: Will they allow comments on the blog? Whenever we talked about Barney on the White House site, traffic soared.

We can only imagine once President Obama gets his new dog -- page views will go through the roof.

The blog on the Presidential Inaugural Committee's web site provided solid information as well. But it was the human interest stuff that people loved. Our prediction is that we'll see a video version of "Ask the White House" where President Obama answers questions from the public, similar to what Governor Schwarzenegger used to do on his site (Another full disclosure: I was the director of that site as well).