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' She pulled me over to my bed and slipped off her undies. She slid down and positioned herself with one foot on either side of my waist, and squatted down until her dripping pussy was directly above my hard dick. Her machine-like bobbing soon became erratic, spastic bucking as she brought herself off to a record breaking climax. Wendy climbed off, knelt beside me on the bed and looked at my still-hard dick, throbbing for release. I guess the Asian guy knew what he was talking bout when he said not to use too much; she was really on another planet for a bit... I was just sprinkling some into the top of the bottle when I heard her car pull up. She entered the house wearing a flowered hat, a yellow half shirt, cut off shorts and open-toed shoes. I had to make it sound like staying home was the last thing on my mind. I'm shaving it for you, you know...' Satisfied for the moment that she was OK, just super-sexed-up, I sat down on the toilet seat and started shaving my sister's cunt. That's what makes me come.' She pulled it's pink cover back and exposed the whole thing; it was easily as big as a pencil eraser. I maneuvered the razor around her delicate areas as carefully as I could. ' She rinsed herself off and showed me the entire package, opening it for me, pulling on the lips, rubbing it.

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I'm not sure we should be doing this sort of thing. Ohhhhhhhhh, yeah, just like that.' She tasted and smelled delicious. We bumped into each other a couple of times around the house during the week but she was clearly uncomfortable. I decided to ask her directly if she wanted to talk.

I know it's wrong, Marky but I need you to lick cunt.... I decided to lay off and size her up before making any more plans. She had almost doubled the previous session's dose. I opened the fridge door to stash the beers and OH MY GOD!! Before I could consider the implications, I heard Wendy calling me from the bathroom. Mark, can you come here and help me with something? There was thick white shaving cream spread over her entire pubic area, a disposeable razor in one hand, and the water in the sink was running.

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This is a true story which happened several years ago, but the names have been changed to protect the guilty. Let's go back in to the room." We returned to the bedroom, where Andrew was sat on the edge of our futon. She lifted his chin with her finger, kissed his lips once and put her tongue into his mouth. To this day I have never felt so many emotions at once.… continue reading »

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