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By Lindsay Campher Krasinski Making the choice to live overseas & teach English abroad is the first step in an adventure of a lifetime.

As an English teacher in Spain, China, Costa Rica, or wherever you decide to teach, you will not just be a tourist passing through, but you will become a member of a new a community - a "local" if you will - which means that forming a social circle, making friends, and yes, DATING!

I am just wondering if I should prepare myself for a lonely two-three years. I don't get sackloads of communication on this topic, but you do wonder just how many teachers are out there looking for love among their own kind in a country that's world-famous for......*cough*.........initiating relationships with local people.

Several months ago, I got an e-mail from a teacher who was thinking of starting up a dating website aimed purely at foreign teachers looking for relationships with other foreign teachers in Thailand.

Related Articles: About Lindsay Krasinski: Lindsay Campher Krasinski is a Senior Admissions Advisor at International TEFL Academy. She attended yoga classes in South Africa and met Lara, a yogi who introduced Lindsay to her brother Jaques.

That day the navigation of South African norms and customs in regard to love and dating began!

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Here are some great ideas for making friends while teaching abroad: 9 Pro Tipsto Help You Make Friends While Teaching English Abroad. “Is it normal for someone to talk to me within 6 inches of my face? " "Is it appropriate for me to ask for somebody's phone # or email address ?, will likely be part of your life (if you're not already hitched).