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12-Jan-2018 16:17

The unique thing about Huggle is that you pick (initially five of) your favourite places – be they shops, restaurants or parks – and then find people who go there too.

It’s all about location, but you can’t add more places to your list until you’ve visited them.

Despite this, every day at noon, our phone pings with a message saying “Wow! Despite supposedly learning our tastes, we didn’t find our matches particularly great and because you get so few a day, it can be a rather long journey to finding someone you actually want to talk to, let alone go out with. Hinge: Free Hinge has a slick design and is meant to be for people who are over games and being treated like a “playing card”.

You’re asked to put in lots of details (including your height, which is rare) in order to create your “story” – for example, what you’re watching, what you spend most of your money on or how you’d describe yourself in three emoji.

This is an app for people really looking for relationships.

There’s a twist though: after you match, you only have 24 hours to start the conversation, otherwise he’ll disappear forever.

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