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Employment rates here are good and continue to grow.


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But now you’ve got your other wheel to help you fit right in.You’ve always loved sliding down the hill at Gene Leahy Pedestrian Mall.And now you finally have someone to give you that starting push… Here, only 20 miles north of Omaha we wind up with 6! And really it should have been well over a foot the way it came down and how long it came down like it did. 1 2.0 5/91945 2 1.3 5/3/1907 3 1.0 5/3 1967 4 0.2 5/1/1911 It's supposed to be severe weather season, but that is nowhere to be found still. Then a good size area below that going above freezing, which would turn snow into rain.

I believe the last 12 months is now the lowest ever for tornadoes. Then the area nearest the ground would be above freezing but not too tall as to melt the sleet back into rain.

Like Movoto on Facebook: On those chilly winter days, grab the one you love and strap on some ice skates to spin laps around the ice at the Holiday Lights Festival ice rink.