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23-Oct-2017 16:42

This last year has been a period of extraordinary political turbulence and the students were eager to quiz us on a wide range of issues, including Brexit and Trump … Brexit, in particular, has deeply worried many of them and there was a very strong feeling that, had they had the vote, the result would have been very different.Questions posed ranged across a number of topics, including: One interesting discussion, cut short because the claxon sounded at the end of three minutes, was the issue of public transport and, in particular, the train service.

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They are desperate for the train service to be improved from a two-hourly to a half-hourly service, but for this we are reliant on the installation of a passing loop … Two students asked if they could come and address a Council meeting when train infrastructure is on the agenda.

"There's enough information out there about federal politics but municipal, I just haven't heard anything about that."The federal election is kind of overshadowing the municipal this year." Nearly all of the 25 candidates running for mayor and council in Whitehorse took part, along with three federal candidates.

Municipal candidate Samson Hartland was in Toronto, but joined the event by Skype.

Nine councillors from Ottery Town Council, East Devon District Council and Devon County Council took part, along with about 90 students from Year 11.

The students were grouped around tables with one empty chair per table for a councillor to join them. A claxon would sound to kick off the ‘speed dating’ session, during which students would fire questions at us, and then it would sound again after three minutes and we would move to the next table.

When you face an end like this, one of three things happens. You shake it off, laugh in the face o…You get home after (another) long day at work.

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