Printable dating contract teenager

25-Aug-2017 15:49

Being clear with your expectations regarding your teen’s drug/alcohol usage is key to prevention.

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, teens whose parents communicate that underage drinking is completely unacceptable are more than 80 percent less likely to drink than teens who receive other messages.

These include online safety, maturity ratings, intelligent online practices, online bullying, honesty, time limits and open communication.

Agreeing on these specific items will help improve communication with your preteen.

If the behavior contract involves others, such as a teacher or counselor at school or a law enforcement officer, try to include that person in the meeting as well.

Consequences of breaking the conditions of the behavior contract should be clearly stated in the contract, and should be appropriate to the situation.

Parents must be consistent in enforcing consequences or behavior contracts are ineffective.

Teen behavior contracts are formal written agreements on behavior expectations between a teen and a parent and/or school counselor or administrator.

Behavior contracts have several advantages for teens and their parents.Be very clear about the rules and the behaviors expected from the teen, and be sure that you can live with the consequences (i.e.