Progressive dating philadelphia

26-Jul-2017 00:19

We refuse to choose between economic fairness and racial justice.

Economic inequality and structural racism in America are not the same, but they’ve developed in tandem, and will not be defeated without grappling with both at the same time.

Two questions have been contested in American democracy since its founding.

One, should wealth and economic power be concentrated among a few, or broadly shared among the many? How about immigrants, the undocumented, indigenous people, or members of the LGBTQ community?

Carol Tracy, director of the Philadelphia-based Women's Law Project, told the cheering crowd that they were seeing the beginning of a new movement. "Donald Trump has awakened a great progressive giant in this country, and he will rue the day he did so," he said.

"In my 40 years of feminist activism, this might be the most exciting day of my life," she said. Saturday's relatively mild weather helped draw crowds, adding to the festive atmosphere on the Parkway. In fact, the day's main hassle involved getting to and from the event, with SEPTA trains so packed that they bypassed riders waiting on platforms.

When she objected and asked to speak to the store manager, she said, the manager assured her that he would address the behavior. "I'm worried that anti-politically correct attitudes are going to transform into incidents like this in my daily life," she said.

"I fear I'm going to spend the next four years standing up for people in a way I never had to before." Devon and Krista Geyer, of South Philadelphia, cut their vacation a day short so they could attend the march.

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She said that when she was 25, she was drugged in a bar, taken to a stranger's house, and sexually assaulted.

The support that washed up to them in waves from the audience was palpable – for every speaker telling a story on stage, there were hundreds in the crowd with the same story, or a variation on it.

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