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They should not make the lead female fell sick if they only had two episode (and it's short), if they want to make her sick then why not killed her in the end? If she has shown care and concern she is trying to get the attention of her co-stars. It's a drama with 40 episodes and it's hard to make every episodes to be fun in the drama which has so many episodes like this. It has to admire the writer and all the actors especially lead actors. They are able to show the amazingly compatible chemistry. At first I wasn't cool with the missing romantic moments, but now I must say it's OK, I love the drama the way it is! Great parting gift of this year- Hospitalship drama. I wish we can see some more cute scenes between leads in upcoming episodes. Although i dislike hospital politics and malpractice cases, these are realistic scenarios. Hospital ship and temperature of love is the best for now. Am a big fan of Ha Ji Won and I guess this drama is not her best drama. This gangster plot might make change in hyun and eun jae's relation! Let us see what is the surprise element in next week's episode. Saranghae My favorite couple right now is Hajiwon and Minhyuk. It's plain spotless and complete satisfaction when your watching this. And this is the first time i have the same feeling agian. It's so fun and watch the second round during waiting the next episode. The whole drama focuses on differrent slice of life and how humans handle each struggles differently. We are being offered of another side of life and a chance to understand life as a whole in a different perspective. i really miss their romance, writer should add in more. As for Jo Hyun Jae, dont we know they look for actors to fit the script at hand and not the other way round. if you look at instagram and comments under the first teaser, many pple thinks the same.dont like it? MBC lose viewers these last time so i don't think they'll win with it. The storyline seems different from previous medical dramas, so I'm looking forward to it. Haters gonna hate but im one of those fans who will always support my dearest Ha Ji Won. @Kayleen, I'm a HJW fan and i dont apologise for it. I'm one who is apprehensive about tagging these idols to her, not becos of the age gap but the acting gaps between them. If these idols/ newbies feel uncomfortable with her why come on board. fighting everyone..supporting you reading as i can all the articles about this drama. really i feel happy for her and this drama for the leads are preparing for their roles.If they want to make a happy ending they can make another plot, or at least lengthening the episodes. Ive watch dramas for years and have never liked this shipping exercise. I really commend the writer for the awesome dialogue and overall sensitivity of the scenes. Thanks to team Hospitalship for their amazing acting and the plot. Feel as if he really has something for our Unni in his heart! I would have liked it more if this was 16 episodes and ended with the pirates episodes and a passionate kiss of the OTP after they got together. what happen to the baby who was born inside the hospital ship. To all the crew and cast u deserve a round of applause. Enough with this slow romance just let them be together please. From this drama, I fell in love with Minhyuk and Hajiwon. As viewers we definitely have our own ways of handling problems. Its about human interest without any dose of fantasy, magic and such. I didn't know grown woman acted like that, especially one that was raised and loved by an open hearted mother. Although am not much for Noona romances this one just seems to work. The story really tackles a lot about life and human struggles and our different approach in handling those problems. Moreover Ji Won has got now 2 cases of Cancer to deal with and show her intellect. I really unexpectedly fell in love with the chemistry between HJW and both her younger male leads. Loving every bit of this drama EXCEPT the ex got illness and please stay by my side plotline. HS has been set to be abt a mix of doctors of different age group with diff level medical knowhow working together in a small ill equipped ship for outlying islands. The plot may well just focus on how a sr doc mentor the new ones, how people from different background work within the confined of a small ship with bare minimums, how they ultimately change by the time they leave. so i wonder why you waste your time to come here and comment about it, skip it and go and enjoy your fav channel.although tvn hadnt any good rating and high quality drama after GOBLIN till now Too bad they didn't take an actress more young for these handsome 3 boys. TVN is now better in quality of drama looking forward to watching this drama .. playing music, good singer, so handsome and very polite. I like him in the 'Heirs' and very impressed in 'Entertainer' He is a good actor. In terms of experience, of course Ha Ji Won is much more experienced with great series of work, but from what I saw in Entertainer, I think Min Hyuk can be at her level. You dont need to feel sorry for me or her other fans. Isnt there some benefits they think tthey can wring out from working with her before they decide to join in? Are you concern that; viewers after watching it will start to do ate older woman and in your eyes this is not good. There are plenty of dramas with actors romancing co stars young enough to be their daughters. By the way, dont u know tt kdramas has not been the place to learn how to live a morally upright life style. i really hope this will be a positively viewed by the koreans .Never mind her age gap in real life with Kang Min Hyuk as their chemistry is on point like they are a real couple. The story is touching and other characters as well If its from Ha Ji-Won, definitely it is superb. Keep supporting our Kwak Song couple until the last episodes. TBH, when KMH was confirmed for the male lead I wasn't excited but after giving it a chance. Will surely include Geoje in my itenenary when i visit SK in spring next year. Pple even started to ship them in reall life too!!!!!!!!! but reading comments i.m gettin kinda exciting for next week's episode.. Shipping hyun and eun jae(ha ji won and Kang min hyuk too)I love to watch their chemistry. Other dramas lack that spark despite having perfectly matched couple. Bashers get lost coz noone invites you to watch and criticize the artists here. maybe better if you like to be a writer either director if you want it!One of the medical dramas that i loved to watch and other characters stand out as well.though i happened to watch its rival show, i still cannot miss this show. the reason why the ratings of the drama dropped down was because of it's rival drama starred lee jung sook and bae suzy titled while u were sleeping which also airs the same slot. I think kang min hyuk is the best partner for ha ji won after hyun bin. Especially Kang min hyuk because Ha Ji Won is already a perfectionist with loads of experience but for Min Hyuk communicating with his eyes is just amazing!! I love their romance line and want more in upcoming episodes.. Hospital Ship is a valuable drama not general market drama. This drama has a good plot while all actors play well. But at the same time, she is as sensitive and protect herself from love. Big kudos to the writer at the smooth style of redeeming even the most flawed character! There are several scenes where they act and show their emotions by simply looking at each other. Like all the scenes they are together, they have chemistry that is so cute and warm. ha ji won is really pretty and younger than her age. ex girlfriend ( young eun) is only 29 yrs but look older than Ha ji won. Hospital Ship is really an eye opener how to act, produce and direct a kdrama. Why sacrifice yourself for her at the cost of your true love?? You can support her as a friend or bro but don't have to date her (that was if the ex is truly even terminally ill). so that you can choose your own artist :-P What the problem of the director of the cast to choosing Hajiwon for this role as she is too old vs the other cast . because now you know all is fictif in this drama , and very difficult to ship the leads I saw a picture of her from hospitalship and i think its going to be great just from stills...One day, Song Eun-Jae's mother, who frequently has indigestion problems, comes to the hospital. Song Eun-Jae becomes upset, believing her mother has sent her another patient. As @sina had said, I cant imagine anyone else except HJW as Eun Jae and KMH as Kwak Hyun. I believe comments about acting disparity were not really directed at KMH personally but rather at the issue of 'idol' taking acting roles. All these discussions are relevant as to the real world as its just a matter of time we will face similar dilemma. It is great pacing with with sufficient details on the emotional developments. It's not mindblowing, but for me it's the most watchable of the current shows, and I can see why the ratings are good. So kkhhaaa olllenn @, Rainbow Fish,, have you come across this word - CHOICE?Her mother goes back to the island without seeing Song Eun-Jae. Kang Min-Hyuk, such a heartthrob & Lee Seo-Won, so young yet huge potential... The same comments would hve bin given even if another ‘idol’ is named. The scene between Hyun and Seol are very poignant as they discussed the pros and cons of the latter's treatment. While some parts and actions are not clearly explained, it is deliberate attempt to be elaborated in future episodes. I can’t really tell the age differences and the character description did not elaborated on their age other than I saw HJW is a senior and more experienced doctor. Same with HJW, why they let her carry the full weight of this drama. The subject matter (underfunded hospital ship traveling around helping isolated rural communities) is interesting and gritty at times. And unlike most Korean medical dramas that tend to be "Greys Anatomy"-ish, this drama is focused primarily on the practiceof medicine. In case you've not it means making a decision when face with a few options.

Kwak Hyun wants to become a good doctor, but not become like his father. HJW is so beautiful in this drama and KMH is so handsome !! They perfectly relay the emotions even though most of the time they are wearing face masks. Its this human aspect of hers that I find her endearing. I just finished watching ep 28, hoping that Hyun and Eunjae will be safe. I hope to see another romantic scene between this couple. i started this drama because of my friend who encouraged me to watch, my casual love for minhyuk and because i was simply cerious and now i want to say that i love this couple..i cant imaging anyone else except hajiwon as eunjae, and the same for kwak hyun charecter. A senior doctor with two female junior doctors fighting for his affection while all are facing their own dilemna. the pace with which the romance track is going is alright but as a viewer i love main lead's interaction and chemistry.. Her co-stars and love interest(s) are so manly and I don't care about the age gap. This is the best drama for this year..it's different from the other korean drama. Ha Jiwon might be way oldee than Kang Minhyuk in real life. Plus, their chemistry is oozing esp in the latest episodes which makes it hard for me to notice the age gap. I'll watch on to see how EJ wades her way out of the baggage she has been carrying. And also add funny scenes to make the drama more flavorful. nice story..acting...lovely couple..of warm scenes..everything is so goood.i hope it dosent disappoint me at the end i found out those who never watched this drama are the one who keep nagging about age gaps...i never found anyone who watched it and dont like this couple..maybe the drama is not your cup of tea but this couple deserved the watch then judge @Guest2. My absolute favorite kdrama is secret love affair where the age gap is bigger. In hospital ship, I just do not feel any chemistry. It is also possible that I am biased because I do not like Ha Ji-Won. I've been a kdrama fan almost a decade have seen Doctor Stranger, Doctor Crush and so on, but I must admit this one is great. the drama seems has focous on human relationship and how the doctors personality grow up together but i hope the writer gives the romance part more part..ofcourse any rush dont welcome I dont know why but i found that this drama is little bit like Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim. I mean it is more obvious during ep 5, where there is a scene that the doctor is doing surgery to connect the hands( vessels ). so its simple, drop this drama and go find another drama to watch..i always wonder why haters have so many times to waste for something they hate??!!! What they should have done was cast an actor who is around HJW's age who can act. Go watch it as its rating its dropping to almost zero. Jo Hyun Jae should have been the male lead in this drama.

It will be realistic enough if they show us how the lead female fight the illness with the support and let us see what the struggle and so on. The unkind words Ive come across in some shipping wars in other dramas really make me puke. Cant wait I hope that tomorrow there will not have any problem for time onair of this drama like the last week. Very long time to have a good korean drama like this. It's has a good idea while having fun making laughs, crying and smiling with the chemistry of the lead actors. the best drama 4 this year..ha ji won after HS please don't take long time for new drama/movie....gonna miss u Dr Song Eun Jae N Dr Kwak Hyun....i don't care about the rating becoz HS already in my heart... Kang min hyuk now you can sleep tight that you are stealing the show from ha ji won. This drama is the only one drama that me track on now. He knows that her sister carries most of the burden and she needs him to be strong coz Dr. Perhaps they should of made her mother meaner than the contrast wouldn't be so unbelievable. It's funny how in real life age difference between HJW & KMH is bigger than between her & actor who plays her Dad. Sometimes its right for you but for others that surrounds you, its wrong. they look like a real doctor and I love their eye's contact.. i guess any decent nice guy wont ignore a terminally ill ex in real life even. I hope the writer will be more creative and please please dont ruin the next half of the drama. So why do people insist that sr doc must have someone around her age to romance with when that is not the intention of the writer. I am a fan from Thailand and very happy to see Minhyuk in Bangkok .. Details of the plot are still not clear and you are making a fuss about its impact on viewers. Sorry for all Ha Ji Won fans here but i'm thinking also that there is so big age gap, what will be the message for viewers ? i fall in love with minhyuk after entertainer and gonna watch this because of minhyuk but hajiwon is so proffessional and pretty too.looks so good together in their too...