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Records in 1999, releasing their debut album(2009) he considered “darker” than Linkin Park’s material, while in 2013 he began a two-year stint fronting Stone Temple Pilots, the grunge band which he said – along with Depeche Mode – had sparked his adolescent interest in music, and which he had once dreamed of singing with.Linkin Park collaborated with numerous artists, including Jay-Z and British grime artist Stormzy.The passes depicted a photograph of Chester on stage, singing shirtless to the crowd.The singer's family had toyed with the idea of a public funeral but decided on a private service last week.Hundreds of his friends and family came together near the home and they wore wristbands and carried VIP concert-like passes.A full size, black gloss stage was built for the occasion and set in front of neat rows of chairs.

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Bennington recorded three albums with the post-grunge band Grey Daze, formed in his hometown, but left in 1998.He fulfilled his destiny while helping others every step of the way through his music, a hand shake,a conversation, or even a hug.