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We never attended cultural events in the city, or ventured into neighborhoods that predominately had an ethnic make-up other than white.She lived in the valley, and much of our time was spent there.What I look for in a woman has always been substance and depth.I’ve always been attracted to a woman who has something to say and isn’t afraid to say it.Her friends thought she simply had “the fever”, and that it was more of a phase she was going through since she could never stick it out with a man of color.She assured me that wasn’t the case; instead, she felt she could only see herself marrying a black man.Love can come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors, so you never know when it’s going to strike.When you have an open mind and an open heart, finding that special someone online, whether it’s for one great date or a relationship that lasts a lifetime, in a sea of billions becomes that much easier.

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I believe people should date others not because of their racial identities, but because they find them interesting.

I learned to see the beauty of humanity; tolerance was imprinted into my upbringing.

My parents had a diverse group of friends as well, and I remember as a child thinking that’s how friendship should be — a melting pot.♦◊♦In a later conversation, she explained she had dated black men before, but nothing serious had materialized.

Every now and then we’d have conversations concerning race and identity.

She didn’t know much about black history, and rarely shared any tidbits about growing up German.It’s a place of sophistication and forward thinking, and where the only societal pressure is to be the hippest version of you.