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03-Sep-2017 22:22

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Maybe the cast and crew did not watch the movie before they released it.A serious health scare ignites John Thomas, an insurance salesman in his 50s, to take a closer look at his life.Not even funnier than some of those really bad SNL sketches that don't seem to go anywhere.Master P's whole directorial career has involved trying to make comedies starring stand up comedians. Williams, Leslie Jones, Renaldo Rey, Michael Blackson among others.I guess that's what you get when you take a bunch of rappers and they try and do something different. Really don't get it but with writing like this what is there to get. Some of these scenes look familiar and I don't know why...A whole lot of comics appear in parts that could have greatly benefited from the participation of real actors.

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But I kind of blanched after seeing Master P's name as director.After seeing it all I can say is directing is one more thing Master P should avoid next to acting and dancing.Here he has Katt as a sandwich boy who wants to find his soul mate and looks to online dating to find the woman of his dreams.And the batch released at Woolsthorpe Manor could soon turn out to be a desirable piece among avid collectors...The highly-anticipated new i Phone X is selling for extortionate prices on e Bay after Apple fans were told they would need to wait six weeks for the pre-ordered handsets to arrive via post in Australia.

The card was one of just ten special Topps cards made of the 25-year-old baseball sensation in 2013, shortly after he was drafted by the New York Yankees. Seller Piotr Sobczuk, of Telford, Shropshire, listed the new polymer note on the auction website after finding it in his change. Keep searching and spend your money on another movie.