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Imagine if you will that people started disappearing.We don’t know when it started, we just start hearing rumors from other leftists about friends that are no longer around, people that we don’t hear from anymore, talk of alt-right gangs being granted special privileges, but nothing concrete. We know that something is going on, but we don’t know what.

Until the black bags fell over the heads of the most vocal and visible of us. ********************************* This is our life. The right has been preparing with thoughts like this for decades.

We know that the state is wielding more and more power to detain, imprison, brutalize, disappear and murder whoever it deems as a “threat.” We’ve seen this in policies and the media. They became an unofficial arm of the state and reaped the benefits as their values and the states began to align. Their single minded “tolerance” is a tolerance for oppression and the maintenance of the status quo at the cost of millions of people being oppressed, brutalized, and silenced. We kept ourselves thinking that we had time to plan our revolution. Until we were scrambling to avoid the secret police.

The normalization of state oppression for the sake of the country. All in the name of “patriotism” and “freedom.” The liberals, for their part, were the buffers. The calming voice that tells you; “everything is ok,” “peace, love and happiness,” “can’t we all just talk civilly to one another.” They were the ruse that kept us off guard. We kept ourselves thinking we would be the ones to strike first. Until we were desperately trying to organize a resistance under the constant watch of the all knowing state.

As far as power delivery, as you all know, the Hellcat is producing just north of 700HP, so we would be shocked if Ford doesn’t take it one step further.

“Our new SVT Halo Mustang will have more HP than the Hellcat” claims a Ford rep from a recent CNN interview. If this new behemoth will be a forced induction car, than we can safely assume that Ford will stick with the traditional lobe crankshaft, or at least depart from the 5.2L GT350 platform.

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